Okay guys, today’s the day. I’m gonna make a new blog for the general bands theme, and I’ll hold back on deleting this one for a while so that if you guys want to follow my new blog, you’ll know where it’ll be. It seems easier, since I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish and cannot focus on writing about one person for over a year. I’ll keep all the Tony stories I’ve written on the new page (I’ll make a separate page for them).

Thank you guys for your patience! I realize I’ve lost the interest of a few of you with my absence, but I mean what can you do.

sheep--cat asked: "Can you read my imagine/story and tell me what you think? It's my first one:3"

It’s cute! ^_^ I like it. Way better than my first story, haha c:

posted 2 months ago

Love Me Just a Little Bit More

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I’m sorry guys, for now I’m gonna close requests until I decide what I’m doing with this blog. If I decide to keep it as Tony imagines, I’ll re-open the requests. If I do a band in general theme, I’ll just change the blog from Tony to that so I don’t lose all of you guys, and then I’ll re-open requests

Anonymous asked: "Do a band in general theme"

That’s what I was leaning more towards I think :p

posted 2 months ago

I’ve been thinking, and I’m seriously considering changing the theme of this blog from Tony.

I just feel like I’d have the will to write more if I changed it up a bit, you know? Because I know I’ve sucked at that lately.

I was thinking of changing it to a more…Bring Me the Horizon-ish theme. Or maybe even just band-guys in general?

I’m not 100% sure yet, I’m sorry if some of you aren’t into that idea. I just feel like it’d make me a little more active :p

posted 2 months ago

otnyperry asked: "helo friend i was wondering if you could tell your followers about my new blog jackbarakat-imagines {and possibly link it below} thankyou so much! ily mwah :~)"

absolutely! haha

Obviously you friends can read the above, so get on it guys! jackbarakat-imagines is the blog to hit up

posted 2 months ago

Anonymous asked: "you're so pretty!! i love your blog sm"

aw omg thank you darling x

thank you to the lovely anonymous person who helped me find my old theme, you are wonderful xx

posted 2 months ago

Anonymous asked: "i think i'm wrong but was it from thewicked-eternitythemes tumblr? :~)"

when I typed that into my URL bar it came up so I must have went to that at some point, so thank you friend I know what I’ll be doing now until my friends get off work (renewing my theme because it sucks shh)

posted 2 months ago

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